Pramod Technologies is India's leading provider of Digital Content Conversion, E-Publishing s services to the publishing industry, libraries, universities, corporations, technology companies and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) service providers. Offering best services in Digital Publishing, Conversion and Apps Development Services. We specialize in offering Localization services with very strong expertise in localization Project Management & Localization QA Services in different Languages.

Pramod Technologies provides high quality services to its clients across with a very clear understanding of their Core Business Problems and providing top quality certified consultants who have the required Technical skills and the industry knowledge and have proven to be a valuable assets to the organization. Pramod Technologies is accelerating its growth by delivering cost effective solution to its fortune 500 clients across the globe.

Our e-publishing division constantly invests in state-of-the-art technologies and innovative work processing systems to meet all data conversion needs with the highest quality automation possible. We have an in-house software development team that helps develop DTDs, web-based conversions, XML and HTML projects for all our clients. We perform transformations from print as well as digital publications. Enjoy the power of the digital medium with ease of access, search and readability by converting your print material into digital. We employ a team of professional web designers to develop and plan your website in accordance to your business philosophy. We work with you to make sure the right message is reached to the target customers. We assure you of superior accuracy and tailor-made content for your company worked on by dedicated professionals in relevant fields. more details.