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What We Do

Pramod Technologies is a new breed in digital publishing, leveraging advances in technology to enable groundbreaking new types of books, new revenue models, and new forms of author-reader engagement. We create as active applications, rather than static files, allowing authors or publishers to build ever-expanding worlds through episodic, serial storytelling and engagement mechanics, like choice and voting, branching story lines, re-reading loops, and personalized content. The result is an incredibly fluid and immersive story-telling experience. Leveraging the latest technology coupled with seasoned professionals and trained staff; we are geared up to meet your expectations in terms of quality, turnaround time, pricing and support. Customized ePublishing Solutions at us facilitates clients to substantially reduce costs, improve ROI, improve efficiencyand better meet the requirements of end customers. Pramod Technologies was founded on the belief that digital technologies can push the boundaries of how we think about narrative.

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